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Welcome to the Production of individually designed Ice Cream

As a professional supplier of industrially manufactured flavours for ice cream, we offer you the opportunity to obtain our products, which are specifically developed for ice cream, easily by the internet.

Being a pioneer in the online distribution of raw materials and additives for the food industry gives us the potential to provide industrial, small business and consumer customers with an easy access to raw materials and straight sources of supply. If you are interested in setting a course vis-à-vis other competitors, then the EISAROMEN-SHOP is your first choice! With us, you will get a firsthand access to all necessary raw materials to put into effect your individual recipes and innovative designs. In this connection the requirements of small business and first times are of special concern for us: By offering flavours in small packagings starting with 1,- kg our assortment of goods are specifically designed for this target group. We thereby explicitly distance ourselves from the increasing habit of large scale minimum quantity orders, a practice, which confronts the small business with less attractive trade terms and conditions.

The Season 2019 sets new benchmarks

The 2014 season is gone and the new developments for the 2019 season have started. In the upcoming season the current trends of vegetarian and vegan products will be pursued and it is expected that the individuality of the single ice manufactures will gain further importance. It is also expected that specially designed trend products as for instance new fruit kinds or blends will enter the market. In addition to the classical sorts there will be a greater demand for culinary versatility. Therefor all our products are designed to be used as single components as well as in blends. This means that your creative potential in developing new ice cream creations is nearly boundless. The products of EISAROMEN-SHOP grant you with the opportunity to take part in the determination of the trend of the upcoming season with your very own ice cream creation.

Favourite Products for the 2018 Season