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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a user account good for? And how can you registrate?

Your registration of an user account offers different benefits. In your user account you have the possibility to check the status of your order and have a view of your order history. In addition to that you are able to change your personal details for future orders and you can add different adresses for delivery and invoice. You can see your wishlist and product reviews and administrate your newsletter account. Your download articles can be viewed and downloaded in your user account as well.

You can registrate your user account on the right top of our website. Alternatively you can registrate your user account while the order transaction. After a click on "Proceed to Checkout" you are asked if you are already having an user account or if you want to create a new account. It is also possible to proceed as a guest without an existing user account or new registration.

How can you log in to your account?

On the right top of the website you find a button with "Log In" and can login to your account, provided that you still have an existing account. Alternatively you can do your shopping and login while the order transaction and payment process.

Is it necesarry to registate an user account for ordering?

No. An user account in our onlineshop is always optional to offer more services. You can order all products without an user account. Therefor please use "Checkout as Guest".

Your password is lost? What can you do?

If you have lost your password it is no problem. Below the login field you are able to create a new password using the link "Forgot your password?". You just have to put in your email-address and a new password will be automatically created by our system and sent to you by email.

How you can order at eisaromen-shop.de

1. The Catalog

The catalog of our products is separated in different categories. In the main navigation you can switch through the different categories. The products are shown at the depending category page. Prices shown in the categoriy view are to be understood as "per kg price" of a 25,- or 30,- kg package for an indicative price at better estimation.

2. The Product View

If you click on a product in the category view you will be forwarded to the product page. In the product view you receive different information like prices for the different available packaging and technical data of the particular product. To see the price of an packaging unit choose the packaging size in the dropdown menu and the shown price will automatically updated for this unit. By clicking the button "Add to Cart" you add the product and chosen packaging unit to your cart. Beside the "Add to Cart" button you can type in the quantity of packages you want to buy. To have an idea of the different prices of packaging the difference is shown in the dropdown.

3. The Cart

You have added products by clicking on the button "Add to Cart" to your order. Please notice that you have already chosen options like packaging unit and quantity per unit, but you can check your order and change these options in the cart. Until sending your order in this step you can change all options and selected products. Ofcourse you are able to cancel your order transaction at this point, too. With the "Proceed to Checkout" button in the cart you will enter the final steps of ordering your products.

4. Proceed to Checkout

Please login with your email-address and passwort if you are having an user account. If not please register as a new customer. If you do not want to register please chose the option "Checkout as Guest". Your personal data will be used under the aspects of our data privacy policy.

5. Invoice Address and Payment Method

In this step you can check your invoice address and choose your payment method. With a click on the "Continue" buttom you will enter the next step.

6. Delivery Address and Shipping Method

In this step you can check your shipping address or create multiple shipping addresses. Please carefully check your data and select your preferred shipping method. Use the "Continue" button to enter the next step.

7. Check and Place your Order

In this last step you see a summary of your order including the selected products and packaging units, your invoice and shipping address and contact details. Please check all the mentioned data carefully to prevent problems by processing your order. You have to confirm our general terms and conditions as well as withdrawal information. It is only possible to place your order by accepting these terms. To accept them please actvate the checkboxes. With a click on "Place Order" you send your order as an binding offer to us.

Is it possible to cancel or change your placed orders?

Until the processing does not start you are able to change or cancel your order in your personal user account, depending to the chosen payment method. If you are not having an user account please feel free to contact our customer service.

How long does the delivery will take?

In general your order is directly processed and leaving our warehouse at ca. 16 o'clock, provided that all of the ordered products are on stock and your order is completely paid. With bank transfer it can take 2 to 5 working days as your money is booked on our banking account. Not until the complete payment is finished your consignment will be sent. About the receipt of payment you will receive an confirmation email. The average time of delivery takes 1-2 working days within Germany and 3-7 working days within Europe. Please notice that orders placed on official holiday (in Germany), saturday or sunday are processed on the next following working day. Several products can only be delivered within approx. 7 and 14 working days, even if the order is completely paid, because product-specific analysis of batches will be done and the products can only be sent after positive analysis and quality approval.

You have putted an article in the cart but during the order transaction the product is not available anymore. What happened?

Because of technical reasons it is not possible to display a quaranteed stock of a product. The stock will be updated after the order transaction is finished. Especially for new releases or promotional activities it can happen that a lot of customers want to buy a product at the same time and create an conflict. If all the available products are bought by other customers while you process your order transaction you will receive an error information by our system.

Your order contains advance orders or products which are only available in the future. When will the consignment be shipped?

Your consignment will be sent not untill all of the ordered products are available. Please notice if you are buying products which are marked as advance order or reorder that all of the other products will be sent after the product with a later date of delivery is available. It is not possible to split an order into partial deliveries. If you want to receive products earlier please generate seperated orders.

Are the ordered products reserved if you have chosen advance payment by bank transfer?

Yes, your ordered products are reserved for 14 days if you have chosen advance payment by bank transfer. If we do not receive the payment within 14 days your order will be automatically canceled and the ordered products are not reserved anymore.

Is it possible to place an order by telephone?

Yes, you can place an order by telephone. Therefor please contact our customer service. For safety reasons it is only possible to do advance payment by bank transfer, if ordering by telephone.

What payment methods are available?

We accept advance payment by bank transfer, PayPal, Sofort Banking, Credit Card with PayPal, as well as amazon payments. Our payment methods are subject to modifications.

Advance Payment by Bank Transfer: Vorauskasse per Überweisung: What particulars are necessary?

If using advance payment by bank transfer you have to pay the amount due for payment by bank transfer to our banking account.
To be able to correctly assign your payment to your order and user account, to ensure a direct processing, please use the following data as reason for payment:

  - Your Order-No.
  - Your Name
  - Your Customer-ID (if existing)

What kind of shipping methods are available?

The worldwide shipping will be operated by DHL as an insured parcel. Express shipment is acutally unavailable.

What will be the freight costs?

The freight costs for the shipping by DHL depend to the recipient country. The current freight rates are listed here.

Is a shipment tracking available?

Yes, of course we offer shipment tracking for your consignments. After your consignment is loaded you will receive an automated Email with the corresponding Tracking-ID. Please notice that a time delay is possible and the consignment tracking is not able until a few hours.

I have received an shipping notice, but the tracking of the shipment does not show any process?

n some cases a shipment is generated by our system and your consignment is not ready to send, because e.g. a product is not available. Unfortunately this is unpreventable, because our system is aligned to process orders as soon as possible. If you are having questions about your consignment, please feel free to contact our customer service.